Who am I?

Originally from Syracuse, NY Eric DeJohn is a former Division 1 and Professional Lacrosse player who spent his whole childhood persistently and consistently practicing greatness with a tireless work ethic. At the age of 8 years old, Eric had a vision to play Lacrosse at Syracuse University and 10 years later made it happen going into college as the #2 ranked prospect in the world entering college. Two years in, Eric transferred to St. John's where he continued to play and eventually get drafted to Major League Lacrosse in 2016 and played for 3 seasons while operating a lacrosse clinics/camps business on the side in Tampa, FL where he now resides. Ended up becoming an All American and top ten in Division 1 NCAA in points two seasons in a row.

Eric now owns EDJ Enterprises Inc, which is made up of 4 companies that specialize in the solar, financial, speaking, and lacrosse industry. Our team of experts strives to provide the highest quality services for our clients. We take great pride in our work and strive to create a positive impact in the world with each project we take on. We are passionate about helping people reach their goals and dreams by giving them access to resources they wouldn't otherwise have access to.

EDJ Solar


To create a world where everyone has access to reliable, sustainable renewable energy through the use of solar power.


We strive to provide cost-effective and efficient solar solutions to everyone in need of clean energy sources, thereby reducing dependence on traditional fossil fuels and creating a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Where are you located?

Based out of Tampa, FL serving the Florida market. We also operate nationally in multiple states. To see if your state qualifies, feel free to reach out directly.

We design, sell, and have our partners install the panels. We also partner with multiple financing companies to make going solar possible for homeowners.

How does solar work?

When sunlight hits the panels it's going to produce all the electricity your home needs, and the electricity that they produce is going to go down the side of the home to the meter and the meter will keep track of all the energy that we produce. With the current situation the meter on the side of the house only spins forwards, because it is only keeping track of what you’re using in the home. So, once a month the utility company reads your meter and that’s what you get charged for. 

When we upgrade you to solar, we upgrade you to a new meter that can spin forwards, and backwards. So, when you're producing energy in the home it goes down the side of the meter, the meter spins backwards to keep track of that energy and the extra power will be stored for you. If you can recall how the old at and t roll over minutes used to work, where if you didn’t use all your minutes that month they would roll over to the next month, that’s exactly how credits with solar energy work. The extra power that you don’t produce is going to roll over right away from month to month to month to month to keep track and store all your extra power for you so that way you can use it at nighttime or when it’s cloudy or rainy, essentially whenever you need more power and your not producing it you’ll be able to use the extra power that you’ve already produced. Solar has become popular for homeowners who are looking to get away from the utility company, eliminate their utility bill and start saving money. Because when you switch, you get a cheaper locked in payment that stays the same and eventually just disappears and that way you can live in the home without having to pay for electric at all

Why would I go solar?

Ultimately there are 2 reasons why people go solar. The first reason is to save money, the second reason is to save the planet. In order to understand how you save money and why this makes sense, the first thing you have to understand is what you’re paying for already. What your utility company charges you for is a whole bunch of things. Sometimes you look at your bill and have no idea what you’re paying for. But overall, it’s 3 main things, the first thing they have to do is produce energy for you. They’ve got to pull oil and natural gas, they bring it to the power plant and they burn it. They charge you to produce that power and that’s about 38% of what you pay for. The second thing they have to do is deliver that power, so they push that power through the poles and wires, and they charge you for the delivery and that’s about 53% of the bill. Now, they have taxes and fees, so if you look at what you’re paying for, more than 60% of your bill is not even electricity. It’s just delivery charges, taxes, and fees. Heres a relatable example; if you ordered a pizza tonight for $20 for dinner what do you think you would do if the delivery boy charged you an extra $35 because he drove it over to the house. Pick it up yourself, right? That is exactly what you’re doing with your power right now. By buying power from the utility company, for every 20 dollars that you purchase they charge an additional 35 dollars to deliver it to the house. I’m sure you’d probably pick that pizza up yourself. When you go solar, you’re picking up that pizza yourself. Because now you eliminate all the delivery charges, taxes and fees.

Why are the utility companies raising their rates?

One of the main reasons is because the grid is very old, it costs a lot for them to maintain the infrastructure. The more the grid ages the more it costs them and in order for them to make up the costs they have to charge homeowners like yourself that are buying power from them. The second reason and danger why the rates are going up in the future is because of all the hurricanes that come through. Most hurricanes cause hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage so unfortunately the utility company must make that up by charging the homeowners their delivering power to. That’s essentially how they make their money and since the grid is so outdated, they have no choice but to charge their current customers for that bill. The last reason is that every single day we’re helping homeowners go solar, and each time the companies lose a customer, they’ve unfortunately got to make up for it by charging you more.

What's the cost?

Finance, lease, and cash options are all available. Depending on how much power you use, sunlight your roof gets will determine the cost. It’s not a one size fits all, but we are happy to provide a free design & quote.

What if something happens to my system?

Depending on the program you qualify for, we provide a 25 year warranty bumper to bumper.

What if a hurricane comes through?

Most roofs have a 130 mph wind mitigation. When we upgrade you to solar it ups you to 180 mph wind mitigation due to the system compressing your home down helping the foundation to become stronger.

What happens if I move?

The same way the light bill transfers, so will the solar bill. Also, the system adds on average $3-5/kw (20-40K+ depending on system size) of value to your property.

How much money will I save initially?

The average homeowner saves an initial 15-50% on their electric bill initially depending on the average bill, and how suitable their home is for solar.

How does the process work if I’d like to get started?

Fill out a form below for a free consultation from one of our energy experts. We’ll make it very quick and there's no obligation.

How does the approval process work?

There are going to be 3 approvals we need before solar becomes a reality. 1st is from us, 2nd is from the utility company, and the 3rd is from the town.First step is to get you prequalified, we’ll send over a few documents to your email to get your approvals for the utility and the town and our company.After that we’ll go ahead and send a technician to the house to do a site survey. He's going to measure your roof and check your electrical panel and send all of that information to our engineer and design team. The engineer’s will do a final review of the project and as soon as he gives us the go-ahead we would submit for your 2nd and 3rd approvals. As soon as we have those back we can schedule the installation, which typically takes 1 day. After your installation there’s a quick inspection process before the system gets turned on. As soon as the system is activated you’re going to eliminate your electric bill, start saving money, and 60 days later you would start paying for your cheaper, locked in solar payment.

EDJ Financial


We seek to empower our clients by providing them with the highest level of insurance coverage, so that they can confidently face whatever life throws their way.


We are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive insurance products and services available, ensuring that they have the financial protection and peace of mind they need for their present and future. We strive to be an industry leader in customer service and satisfaction, always putting our clients first.

What products do you service?

Life Insurance & Annuities. We are licensed in 28 states. Be sure to reach out to see if your state qualifies.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance doesn't have to be a complex topic. It's simply there for you and your loved ones in case of an unexpected tragedy – like death or disability. Nowadays, more and more people are realizing the importance of having life insurance in order to secure their families' future financial security.

Life insurance helps cover financial costs associated with sudden loss of income or medical expenses due to death or disability by providing funds that can be used by family members while they adjust their lives without the deceased individual. Essentially, it's peace of mind from knowing that your family will have coverage when you're no longer around.

At EDJ Financial, our team is dedicated to helping clients get the best life insurance policy for their needs at competitive rates — leaving no detail unanswered. Get protection for yourself and your loved ones today…it may just make all the difference tomorrow!

What company do you represent?

We don’t work with just one company, we work with multiple (all A+ rated carriers). Depending on your age & health will determine the policy we will recommend. We have the ability to shop around for you to find the best policy at the lowest rate.

What is an Annuity?

Are you wondering what an annuity is and how it can benefit your retirement or financial planning? An annuity provides a secure, steady stream of income during retirement, allowing you to budget more effectively and plan for the future with greater peace of mind.

Annuities are made up of two parts—initial contributions that are invested in different vehicles such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds over time; then later providing regular payments over a set period. The initial contribution can be based on one lump sum or multiple smaller contributions. These larger payments usually occur at various intervals (monthly, quarterly etc.). In most cases the payouts from an annuity can enjoy tax advantages over other types of investments – depending on the type purchased.

No matter your stage in life or your plans for the future– seeking professional advice may help you identify if an annuity is right for you and maximize its potential benefits when used strategically. Get started today!

EDJ Lacrosse


To empower athletes with the opportunity to experience the joy of lacrosse and foster a community where individuals can build relationships and lifelong skills.


We strive to make lacrosse accessible to all athletes, creating an environment that is both competitive and cooperative. Through our programs, we will teach fundamental skills, instill values of sportsmanship, cultivate teamwork and collaboration, and promote physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

What are your on field accomplishments?

In High-School: U.S. Lacrosse and ESPN Rise All-American. 2010 Post-Standard Central New York (CNY) Player of the  Year. Two-time All-CNY First Team selection. Three-time all-league pick. Amassed 195 goals and 62  assists in three seasons at Jamesville-DeWitt. DeJohn’s 257 points are second in school history  and his 195 career goals is a team record. Scored 78 goals, passed out 22 assists, and collected 80  ground balls as a senior to lead the Red Rams to a 22-0 season and the New York Class B state championship. Under Armour Underclassmen Games participant.

In College/Pros: Started career at Syracuse University, then transferred to St. John's University. At St. Johns,  amassed 115 total points in 3 seasons. Junior season of 64 points was 2nd most in a season in  school history. All-American as a senior. During the 2015 & 2016 season, was top 10 in Division 1  NCAA in Points Per game during both the 2015 & 2016 seasons. 2 Time First Team All Big East Selection. USILA All American 2015-2016. In 2016 he was drafted by the Rochester Rattlers in  the seventh round & 60th Overall in MLL Draft. Played 3 seasons in the MLL with the Rochester  Rattlers & Florida Launch before retiring to focus on his primary business in the solar & financial industry.

What is your coaching experience?

Eric DeJohn has 15 years of coaching experience. He started coaching the youth program at Jamesville-DeWitt at age 15 while he was in High-School. He continued to coach camps and clinics through his college career, mainly at Syracuse University where he played. Since graduating from St. Johns University back in 2016, he moved to Tampa and owned & operated a club program for 2 years & has been running camps, clinics, and also done 1 v 1 lessons.

EDJ Speaking


We envision a future in which all students, especially student-athletes, have access to the resources and education necessary to make informed decisions about drug and alcohol use. We strive to create an environment where young people are empowered to realize their full potential without succumbing to the dangers of substance abuse.


Our mission is to reduce drug and alcohol abuse among youth, particularly student-athletes, through comprehensive prevention strategies that empower these students with life skills, education, and support.

What do you speak about?

Eric tells the story of how he had a dream at the age of 8 years old to play lacrosse at Syracuse University & play professionally thereafter as a career. Both came true, however, he had to take a big maneuver due to drugs and alcohol which forced him to make some terrible choices & almost derailed everything he worked his entire childhood for. But, it's not what happens to you it's how you respond, and for Eric the come-back story is real.

He ended up transferring to St. Johns University where he was an All-American and top 10 in the country in points his last 2 seasons and eventually got drafted to become a professional lacrosse player, bouncing back from multiple failures & adversity to make his childhood dreams come true, & continues to do so today.

What schools do you speak at?

Middle & High Schools in the Tampa Bay Area. Will also speak at schools outside of the Tampa area. Reach out for more information!


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