Originally from Syracuse, NY Eric DeJohn is a former Division 1 and Professional Lacrosse player who spent his whole childhood persistently and consistently practicing greatness with a tireless work ethic. At the age of 8 years old, Eric had a vision to play Lacrosse at Syracuse University and 10 years later made it happen going into college as the #2 ranked prospect in the world entering college. Two years in, Eric transferred to St. John's where he continued to play and eventually get drafted to Major League Lacrosse in 2016 and played for 3 seasons while operating a lacrosse clinics/camps business on the side in Tampa, FL where he now resides. Ended up becoming an All American and top ten in Division 1 NCAA in points two seasons in a row. He believes the ability to adjust and adapt to reach your potential and goals was not only crucial in lacrosse, but also in business.

Eric moved to Tampa because he despised winters, and has now put all his energy and action from what turned him into a professional athlete to the world of business and entrepreneurship. In 2017, Eric decided to venture into the entrepreneurship space, and has amassed over 10M in sales in personal sales, and has also built teams and started a call center between the solar and financial services industry. His primary focus is in the Insurance industry, where he helps protect families with life & health insurance and shows others how to come into the industry and be successful right away. Most of Eric’s production has been from selling products over the telephone from the comfort of his home and is on a mission to help as many people do the same & live their ideal life. Let’s face it, not many people want to go out and meet with people anymore, especially in today’s world. Once you acquire the skills to sell from a distance and realize you do not need to be with someone to help them with Insurance, it makes life & business a lot more efficient.



"On a mission to help as many people as possible live their ideal lifestyle"

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